Kelda ShowersWinner:  Rushlight Energy Reduction Award 2015

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Winner: Rushlight Energy Award 2015

Kelda's technology optimises the use of energy and water in showers without compromising performance.

TruTurbo Technology

High-performance cars use fast moving air to power fuel into the engine. Similarly, a Kelda shower uses high-speed air to power the spray for an invigorating feel without the need for high water pressure.

Water in air, not air in water.

What's the difference? Aerating showerheads suffer from poor performance because they add air bubbles into the spray, resulting in a different 'feel' but little performance increase. In contrast, Kelda take warmed air and add heated water. This turbocharges the droplets which gives double the feel and effectiveness.

The Most Efficient Powerful Shower

For a given shower performance, a Kelda Shower uses only half the water and energy of conventional showers. This will result in considerable reductions in water and energy usage, carbon emissions and household bills.

Kelda are working with industry leading companies to bring new, disruptive shower technology to market. The benefits of Kelda technology are proven with Mixer, Digital and Electric Showers.

The challenge

Overstressed water resources and increasing energy costs coupled with pollution from energy generation have made us focus our technologies on reducing waste and damaging emissions. Using less water and energy in the bathroom can help overcome the practical and ecological challenges we all face.

As consumers, we are all looking to manage increasing household energy bills and conserve the environment, but often this has meant compromising on what we consider the essentials such as water and energy use in the home.

The solution

Kelda Showers have developed an advanced shower technology for use with existing water heating systems. The patented Kelda Eco Power Shower is capable of boosting a shower-spray, giving a 'power shower' experience with a large reduction in water and energy consumption.

  • A power shower at high and low flows advanced new ‘TruTurbo Technology’ makes a shower feel like more than double the spray power.
  • An adjustable flow of high-speed air acts as a propellant to efficiently boost a much lower water flow while creating a high-flow feel.
  • The stylish Kelda shower feels like 2.4 standard or aerating ‘eco’ showers at once.
  • Unique, patented British design – adds heated water to fast moving warm air.
    Other brands of aerating ‘eco’ showerheads add bubblesto the water stream, resulting in a weak and inferior experience.
  • Backed by the UK government as an important new approach to energy saving.
  • Significantly reduces water and energy bills.
  • Air warmed by the shower is recycled.
  • Suitable for high and low-pressure water systems.
  • For Electric Shower users, replacement with a Kelda unit doubles performance using your existing wiring.

Kelda Shower Feels 2.4x More Powerful than Standard Shower (5 l/min feels like 12 l/min)

University of Southampton Shower Spray Momentum Perception Test. The Kelda Eco Shower delivers not only significant water and energy savings, but provides an excellent power shower experience. To test the perceived increase in power of the Kelda shower, we commissioned the University of Southampton to conduct an independent ‘Spray Momentum Perception&rsq ...


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